Monthly Archives: July 2014

Dog Days of Summer


I feel like it has been an eternity since I last posted on my blog. Oh how I have missed the chances to write and get my head cleared. Now summer is starting its slow descent into Fall, and I am actually looking forward to getting on a more regular schedule. Two kids under the age of 6 at home has made for some interesting days…and a lot of wine drinking!

As I look back on my summer and try to decide what I want to post about today, I have to say it is my kids. I truly felt the pressure and strain it takes to be a stay-at-home mom. And yet, I also experienced the joy and laughter. Motherhood is such a myriad of emotions and experiences. Each child brings about different circumstances, dramatizations, tribulations and triumphs. The kicker to all this is knowing that what I consider the hardest job in the world doesn’t even come with a pay-check or a 401K!

This post isn’t going to be extremely long only because I can hear my children in the other room trying to dismantle the T.V. remote because I have it on lock-down (the day is beautiful and they need to burn some energy off outside). I just want to wave the white flag out there to let people know that I surrender. I surrender to sticky popsicles on my favorite shirt, plastic golf balls caught inside my car’s exhaust pipe, skinned knees, broken bike chains, leaky swim diapers, fights over bedtime, poop on the carpet (not the dog’s-eek!), sunburns, ice cream mustaches and endless playtime in the pool. I surrender to being a “summer mom” who doesn’t have her you-know-what together, EVER.  Yet, somehow I still get those bedtime prayers in before collapsing in bed…oh wait, I still need a shower…only to get right back up.

For those of you who are moms, whether you are seasoned or just in the beginning stages, you should realize that nothing is ever going to be perfect again. Don’t get me wrong, it is a HARD realization to swallow at times. But it is okay because motherhood is all about bumps, bruises, mistakes and “ah-ha” moments—and that doesn’t even include what the kids go through! (This is the part where you should laugh! *wink*)

Being a GOOD mom is a true sacrifice. Mostly a sacrifice of personal time, but also a sacrifice of a part of who you are…that part before you had kids. Whether it was a bubbling career or whatever your thing was before the miniature ball-and-chain came out of you, motherhood is a sacrifice. Do I think it is worth it? Absolutely. Do I sometimes scream into my pillow while locking myself in the bathroom so “they” can’t find me? Pretty much every day. And yet, when I hear the “I love you mommy,” or “You are the awesomest mom alive,” it makes being this person I have morphed into a little easier to welcome home.

Hang in there moms, summer is winding down…and there is always Vodka to get you through (preferably Grey Goose or Titos)!

Until next time, cheers!