I was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1979 to Mike and Dianne Brown.  Two years later, my parents picked up and moved to a small town in the Southeast corner of Missouri called Cape Girardeau.  Growing up an only child in Cape was great.  Small town, lots of friends and close to our family in West Tennessee.  After high school, I headed down to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University.

The summer before my senior year of college my parents took me to France for a wine tour of the country’s southern region.  We began this journey in Paris, headed to Provence, Burgundy, Bordeaux and came back around to Paris.  It was a wonderful vacation where I truly learned to drink red wine and discover the love and passion that goes into making wine.  I can never thank my parents enough for taking me on this 21st birthday trip-it is something that has stayed with me every single day.

After graduating college, I lived a brief time in Dallas, Texas with one of my best girlfriends and what fun we had in the “Big D!”  But that was cut short when 9/11 occurred and I found myself back in Cape Girardeau.  That wasn’t such a bad move because after moving back I started dating a great guy who stole my heart and eventually asked me to marry him.

Now we have been married over ten years and have two beautiful children.  A first was a daughter, who is now 9.  She is a perfect combination of us both.  Fun-loving and witty, she definitely gives us a run for our money…like any normal girl would do at this age.  Ha! Our son turned 5 at the end of October.  He is the busiest kid I know and so full of energy.  He plans to be a superhero when he grows up!  Like our daughter, he is full of laughter and joy.  What a blessing these two lovable little varmints are in our lives!

my favorite things:

Being a mom, Cooking, Wine, Writing, Holistic Nutrition, Reading, Yoga and Getting in a Good Workout

my favorite music:

Alternative, Dance/Electronic, Classical and anything Elvis, Frank Sinatra or Neil Diamond

my favorite books:

Pride & Prejudice, Biographies and anything on British History

favorite vacations:





Napa Valley

Bora Bora





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  1. Hi Sbrhodes, thank you for following my blog! I love reading about your description of your life, it sounds lovely. I’m also into reading, yoga and exercising, and I love Austen and biographies! Looking forward to reading some of your blog posts

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