Monthly Archives: July 2016

Parenting is…


Like most parents, my morning begins with a crash of thunder and a flash of lightening.  I chug a scalding cup of coffee just so my liquid caffeine fix can hurriedly begin.  I am down one kid this morning, but still find myself rushing to get my oldest to art class.  It has only been five minutes since I told her “good morning” and suddenly we have reached Def-Com 4!  How did this happen? 

I am sitting in a parking lot typing up my thoughts because I am so baffled as to how my relationship with my daughter can fluxuate so suddenly.  She is like a caged bird fluttering to get out, to experience the “freedom” of the world.  If she only knew how the world lacks the clouds and rainbows she believes exists through the bars of her birdcage (known as childhood).  

Parenting is…what? To those moms and dads out there, what is parenting to you? The frustrations, proud moments, discouragements and triumphs that make us who we are as individuals trying to raise the next generation-are we not all traveling in the same inflatable dingy amidst a vast ocean of decisions and consequences? 

I use this short snippet of thoughts as a teaser to other things I plan to write.  In the meantime I will continue to try and keep my beautiful little bird of a daughter from trying to peck my eyeballs out! (Yes, I am giggling while typing this) 

Until next time, cheers!